Mindset Mala

Mindset Mala

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Designed with simplicity in mind, the monochromatic mindset mala, made of howlite and pyrite stones, promotes a sense of presence, stillness, focus, and abundance.


The Mindset Mala is hand-knotted and made of genuine semi-precious gemstones, along with sterling silver accents, including 108 beads + guru bead and silk tassel for an extra long, luxurious feel.


This mala be used as a meditative aid or worn as jewelry, connecting you to the moon. 


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Ethically made in Canada [in small batches] in collaboration with wonder love shop and exclusively available for purchase through Dani March.

NOTE: Please allow up to 10 business days for production and shipping.

UPGRADE OPTION: With the purchase of the mindset mala, you may choose to complement your meditation experience with a 10 minute custom meditation -  including your own personalize mantra. Within 24 hours of your purchase, you will receive an email questionnaire from me so that I gather the information required to produce your sacred track. Please allow an additional 10 business days for your meditation to be delivered to your inbox. Your mindset mala will ship in advance.