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Yogic Prescriptions™ Inspired by Nature
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The Experience

The Yoga Rx Method™ is a modern day approach to yoga + meditation, which is founded in the ancient teachings of mother nature and her elements. 

Each yogic prescription is uniquely inspired by the energetic qualities of the elements. 

Through mindful application of these practices, we can attain and maintain optimal balance.

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The Yoga [RX] Method™

Principles of Practice

The Yoga Rx Method™ is built upon 3 foundational concepts:

Firstly, it recognizes that all movement elicits an emotional response. Practicing with this in mind, reminds us that we are each responsible for creating an intentional experience for ourselves.

Furthermore, yoga postures hold their own energetic qualities - much like the seasons and the elements. A balanced yoga practice cycles through all the energies while moving us from the physical to subtle body.

Finally, in order to find optimal balance [on and off the mat] we must first be willing to understand where we are today. As this baseline changes from day-to-day, our yoga practice should be adapted to support our growth and evolution.


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Earth DominAnt

Earth sign are naturally grounded and pragmatic. 

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Water Dominant

Water sign are inherently calm and focused.

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Air DominAnt

Air signs are independent and naturally inclined towards adventure.

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fire dominant

Fire signs, are born leaders and naturally decisive.

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The Yoga [Rx] Method™

Take the Assessment

We are each made up of the 5 elements.

All of them.

While there is no exact formula, various schools of science [including Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine] recognize that some elements are more prominent than others at different times in our lives.

The Yoga Rx Assessment™ was designed to identify your dominant element in order to guide you back to optimal balance.

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The YOga [Rx] Method™

The Practice


Each Yogic Prescription™ provides you with practical and tangible instruction using a series of concepts, movements, and meditation.

Air Above Me.
Earth Below Me.
Water Flowing Through Me.
Fire Burning Within Me.
Spirit All Around Me.
— someone, somewhere
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